Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring

Testa offers remote proctoring tools, allowing students to write an exam remotely while ensuring the exam’s integrity. This proctoring option certifies a student’s identity and monitors him or her via webcam. The video captured during a remote proctored exam assists in identifying any suspicious activity or behavior. 

How does Online Remote Proctoring Work?

  • The setup process for an online proctored exam is straightforward and quick.
  • Register and authenticate.
  • AI-Based Photo Verification
  • Human-Based Photo Verification
  • Secure Browser
  • Internet Speed Check
  • Audio and Video Check
  • Record and Review Based Proctor
  • AI-Based Proctor
  • Human-Based Live Proctoring
  • Result Generation
  • Auditor’s Log Report
  • Credibility Report
  • Browser and Tabs
  • Screen Sharing and Virtual Machines
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste


Monitor exam sessions in real-time, manage resources, and track proctor activity.

Testa proctoring solution provides an intuitive analytics dashboard and real-time session monitoring.

  • Resource Management
  • Monitor the activity of the proctor.
  • View the current status of exam/test taker’s activity.
  • Set permissions and admin roles based on your needs.


Control the exam environment effectively with our secure exam browser.

  • Registration
  • Mock Test.
  • Support Helpline
  • Question Paper Upload
  • Attendance
  • Verification
  • AI and Human-Based Exam Monitoring
  • Result Generation
  • Audit and Logs
  • RTI Handling and Support


Session Assessment and In-depth Analysis of User Behavior and Actions

Monitoring & Review

Live Monitoring of Tests and Proctor Review