Our Product

Assessor's Platform

The Testa assessor’s platform is a customized software or system that supports and streamlines assessor duties. Assessors are people who evaluate, appraise, or review specific features, usually in the context of assessments, tests, or performance evaluations. Our platform aimed to simplify the assessment process, increase efficiency, and promote collaboration among assessors, administrators, and others in the review process. 

Assessors can choose a batch depending on their expertise and availability schedule when creating work-role-specific exams. When a batch is assigned, assessors receive alerts alerting them of the assignment, which they may accept or refuse. The assigned batch details are then accessible in the ‘My Batches’ column. Assessors can see detailed information about the batch in this column, such as the number of employees involved, the batch ID, the assessment date and time, and other pertinent information. This streamlined solution ensures assessors have clear visibility into their assigned assessments and allows for effective administration of assessment-related data.

Key points and features


This is likely a unique identifier assigned to each assessor. It helps in distinguishing and tracking individual assessors within the system.

The actual name of the assessor serves as a key identification detail. It provides a human touch and ensures clarity when referring to or communicating with assessors.

Specifies the role or position that the assessor holds. This information helps in understanding the responsibilities and expertise associated with each assessor.

This indicates the professional experience of the assessor. This detail is valuable in assessing the assessor’s qualifications and proficiency in the relevant field.

Describes the mode or method by which the assessor is involved. This could include in-person assessments, virtual assessments, or other modes of engagement.

Likely refers to the ability to view detailed information about the assessor. This could include accessing their profile, qualifications, or other relevant details.